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Yesterday, the world's top brand down jacket Moncler (league can stare) stationed in Chongqing for the first time, the famous Shi Shangbo advocate "small mouth choking pepper" sisters as the opening guest debut in the Mixc the first floor of the new Moncler store. Activities at the scene, "energy-saving" personal demonstration, revealed his down jacket to wear a secret. "Energy-saving" is a pair of twin sisters flower, the elder sister call Wei Dan, sister called Qing wei. This pair of authentic Chongqing beauty to sweet fashion fashion with red through network, style of dressing attracted numerous fans follow. "In fact, Chongqing girls are wear, but down jacket to wear good-looking indeed some exquisite." The sisters said, their feather clothing collocation secret has four: first, pay attention to material and tailoring, southern girl is generally quite petite, choose to cut properly, lithe slim down jacket, can achieve the functional and fashion both effect; second, choose the design sense of down jacket, such as sister to wear down jacket, shoulder has many small details, look more delicate; third, trousers, skirt collocation appropriately, if the down jacket relatively cumbersome, below to choose concise, tight pants, highlight the leg line; fourth, accessories collocation is very important, bags, scarves, and other headgear, can down jacket and bright.